Award Winning Speaker



  • “Her speaking style is conversational. I hear my friend sending a message to those around me. I hear a genuine person, which is a true talent to uphold. As a speaker, she is versatile, depending on the audience, she has an eye and ear to know how to tailor your tone accordingly.” -Malik Mix, Chairman of Our Young Leaders Foundation
  • “She is very moving, powerful, and groundbreaking. It usually makes me have an “aha” moment.”- Sarah Marshall, CEO of Infinite Hair Growth
  • “When I listen to DaChana speak it's like she is teaching me. Her voice is like my conscious. There is Morgan Freeman, Oprah, and even common who share her gift and I would place her as our generations ‘Voice Over” -Lamont Davis, MSU Student and Student Advisor
  • “She is very charismatic poised, and has great gestures” -Latoya Smith, NABA Member
  • “After this presentation, I have a better understanding of my worth as a woman” -Workshop Participant
  • “I’ve always struggled with self-love but I learned to loved myself for who I am through this presentation” -Workshop Participant
  • “I enjoyed the presentation, one of the best” -Black Women Leadership Conference Participant

Multicultural Heroes Hall of Fame Case Competition 1st place winners 2016

DaCha’na and her team of two successfully inducted Maya Angelou into the Multicultural Heroes Hall of Fame. They made their case giving a biographical overview of Maya, how she has carried and passed the torch of justice, how she contributed to the struggle for human rights, the relationship between Maya Angelou and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and why she should be inducted into the Heroes Hall of Fame.

30 Top Speaker of Toastmaster International

DaChana Blaydes competed in the 2016 International Toastmaster Speech Contest and won first place for the club, area, division, and district levels. She concluded her participation in the competition by placing third place at the semi-finals, making her 30 top finalists amongst 30,000 participants.


Coaching Multicultural Heroes Hall of Fame Case Competition 1st place Winners 2017

DaCha’na Blaydes gave back to the Case Competition program by coaching three students who were members and mentees of her organization, National Association of Black Accountants. The students successfully inducted Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth into the Heroes Hall of Fame becoming the next 1st place winners for the Multicultural Heroes Hall of Fame Case Competition.

Keynote Speaker

Pretty Brown Girls Keynote Speaker
Pretty Brown Girls encourages girls and young women to celebrate the shades of brown all over the world through their programs, products, and events by developing positive self-esteem, confidence, and leadership. DaCha’na was the keynote speaker for a local Spring 2015 program called “You are Beautiful! You are special!” located in East Lansing, MI. She spoke to young girls by the ages of 6-14 years old about self-love and self- confidence.
Women Appreciation Event Keynote Speaker
DaCha’na gave an uplifting and empowering speech to 100 black women about what it means to be a successful black woman today. She encouraged them to discover and explore their gifts, be confident in their abilities and began defining sisterhood for themselves.

Speaking Trainer

Training Session for Chinese Entrepreneur Business
Blaydes trained 30 international students for the 2017 Michigan Entrepreneurship Competition that helps participants enrich their entrepreneurial knowledge and experiences through their preparation of business presentation and communications with professionals. She focused on"Creativity, Content, and Confidence" during her presentation, to contribute to the trainees giving a winning presentation that resulted in $1000 Grand Prize.
Training Session for MSU National Agricultural Marketing Association
National Agricultural Marketing Association (NAMA) is the nation's largest association for professionals in marketing and agribusiness. DaCha’na trained 15 NAMA members on professional speaking to prepare for their annual national competition that required a 20-minute public speaking presentation. Each year, they brainstorm a hypothetical (but realistic) product that would benefit the industry and develop a comprehensive marketing plan for it that they present at a national competition.

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