University and Sponsor Opportunity


Why DaChana?

DaChana is a first-generation college student with a very unique educational experience who pushed passed all of her adversity to pursue higher education. DaChana is committed to INSPIREing, INFLUENCEing, and IMPACTing students by adding value to their educational experience through her program, workshops, and book.


Why “Your College Success is in Your Hands”?

“Your College Success is in Your Hands: College with a Purpose” is a tool incoming college students can use to guide them through their first year. It encourages students to use their college resources to the best of their ability to optimize their college success. Whether a student is a first generation or a third-generation college student, this book/workbook can be of great assistance for their first year.


Customizing Book Featuring Your University and/or Credit Union

University Opportunity

Universities have worked hard to provide their students the best resources to help guide through their collegiate career. Most if not all resources are communicated to the students during their academic orientation. Over time, students forget about the resources that are available to them and the resources become underutilized.

“Your College Success is in Your Hands” provides an opportunity to customize the book to include the universities resource information inside that will help assist students as they continue their purposeful journey. The goal is to get this important tool into the hands of every student that attends Academic Orientation to equip them with information that will help them in their first year.


  • Providing a tool for your incoming students to prepare them for their first year
  • Exposure and reminder of all university’s resources after their Academic Orientation

Credit Union/Bank Sponsorship Opportunity

Credit Unions are the best financial institutions for college students that can help them establish themselves financially. Your College Success is in your Hands has a chapter dedicated to Financial Literacy and provides an opportunity to feature your credit union in the book to expose incoming students to your credit union to begin their financial journeys with your credit union.

With your contribution to the book, there is an opportunity for students to receive free books to help guide them through their first year and grade school teachers and students to receive additional help to purchase school supplies. 10% of the book profits will go to helping teachers and students in need of school supplies. The goal is to provide incoming students with a tool at their Academic orientation program that will expose them to financial advice and a financial institution that will help them start their financial journeys.


  • Increase credit union membership with direct exposure to college students
  • Grade school students and teachers impacted through free school supplies (from donated 10% book profit)