7 Tips from “Your College Success is in Your Hands”

#1. Begin to Identify Your Purpose

Yes, I know you may not know what your purpose in life is going to college, but now is the time to start asking yourself the necessary questions to identify it. Identifying why you are on this journey, why you are pursuing the degree you have chosen, and why you are where you are right here in this moment will set the foundation for the rest of your collegiate experience.

#2. Use Your College Resources to Help You Achieve Academic Success

Academic success plays a huge role in your collegiate career like applying for research and scholarships, moving to the next academic year, and can even be a motivator or demotivator along the way. It’s imperative to use your classmates, professors, tutoring, and other creative ideas to help you reach your academic goals.

#3. Get Involved in Your Community

There is so much to college than just your class schedule. You have adopted a community full of people with different and similar interest, skills, abilities, knowledge, talents and much more to contribute to your world. Get out there and interact with others through the many events, organizations, and community engagement opportunities.

#4. Start Your Career Path Now

After asking yourself the necessary questions about your purpose, it will lead you to know why you want the career you are pursuing. Now is the time to start gaining professional experience in your field. Make the effort to network, begin creating career goals, learn more about your career field, and even attend career fairs during your first year either to get some skin in the game and/or go after that internship you have dreamed of always having.

#5. Have Some Fun!

College can be serious business but its ok to make room for some serious fun. There is always something to do in college. From football/basketball games, parties, late night group sessions with your friends, holiday-themed events, meet and greets, and many more.

#6. Financial Literacy Matters

It is no secret that college will leave you checking your bank account more than you want. If you don’t understand finances, college is the perfect opportunity to understand financial literacy and how to apply it to your financial situation. Seek out resources that will help you make more money as well as seek out the resources that will help manage your finances.

#7. Invest in Your Self Care and Wellness

Your journey begins with purpose and it circles back to your self-care and wellness. Lay your foundation by asking yourself the important why’s, do what is necessary to achieve your goals but be sure to take care of yourself in the process. You are the #1 priority; nothing in your life will operate at its full potential without you being your best self. Take a day off, do a physical and mental check in with yourself, and seek counseling if you need it.