" DaChana can help you look at the puzzle pieces in a new way and put them together to create a finished product that will prepare you for a happy, productive life in the real world"
-from the Foreword by Scott Westerman Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations Michigan State University
Your College Success is in Your Hands:
College with a Purpose



Every year incoming students are going to their university ready and willing to do what it takes to be a successful college student. In “Your College Success is in your Hands,” DaCha’na encourages you to use your college resources to the best of your ability to optimize your college success. This workbook will guide and help you to lead your life with the purpose to achieve success in your collegiate career. It will provide possible services, resources, and tips regarding:


-Personal Growth & Development
-Academic Success
-Involvement & Community
-Career Development & Management
-The College Experience
-Financial Literacy
-Self Care & Wellness


You are the creator of your experience. If you are a college student who wants to lead your life with purpose, this book is for you. Your college success is in your hands!